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GSP Capital is a private family office established in 2015 by George Farha. We invest in a broad range of asset classes and investment types within dynamic market segments across the world. Our focus is on opportunities where we can deliver meaningful strategic and operational value, yielding consistent, long-term performance across our global investment portfolio.

Focus Area

Sports, Entertainment + Media

HOW WE INVEST: VC, PE, Private Debt

We partner with creative teams with a passion for developing new ways of delivering memorable entertainment experiences, sports, and other live events.

Impact Museums

Focus Area

Proptech + Real Estate

HOW WE INVEST: VC, PE, Real Estate Investment

We’re dedicated to enabling leading brands tackling residential and commercial real estate operational efficiencies to meaningfully shift the industry. Additionally, we support teams with a broader platform approach to investing in real estate transformation and development.

Etesio Capital
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Focus Area

Wellness + Sustainability


As technology becomes more ingrained in everyday life, a personalized approach is key to empowering patients and customers looking to improve their wellbeing. It is our goal to help the next generation of leaders with a human-centered vision of the future.

Veritas, The Genome Company
Herbal Essentials Holdings
Clínica Tambre
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Focus Area

Wider Portfolio


Beyond our thematic convictions that are forever evolving, we identify opportunities that complement our strategies across a broad range of industries. This includes fintech, education, energy, real estate, and entertainment.

Bora Energia Sostenible


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